The Revolution of Culinary Arts

The world over, culinary arts are being recognised as a popular and prestigious way of life. People are flocking to learn and enjoy this popular modern day gourmet renaissance.
The culinary arts in detail
One might ask, what are the culinary arts? Well, up until now they have been thought of as traditional cooking styles such as French Cuisine, Chinese Cooking or Japanese Traditional. All names we are familiar with, however the current trend in the culinary arts is demanding more of chefs, indeed asking them to incorporate their skills into a well rounded package. A common term today is ‘fusion’ which is just that, the blending of traditional and new styles to create a completely new culinary art.
The challenge for newcomers
The challenge for new chefs on the scene is to discern themselves from mainstream gourmet as true culinary artists. They must not only master the art of cooking and presentation, but truly master ‘culinary’ gourmet if they wish to rise above the cream in this ever expanding industry. As observers of this culinary arts revolution it is a challenge to constantly keep up with these new and exciting styles. It is common for an observer of the culinary arts industry to find an artisan that they enjoy and to focus on his or her work. It is truly a joy to watch these culinary artists develop and expand their edgy styles.
Culinary Arts Career Salaries
Salary of a chef depends on the level of culinary education and his experience. An executive chef with a BA degree and several years of experience can make a salary up to $200,000 dollars a year. Most chefs have an average salary of $40,000 to $60,000 dollars a year.
Personal chefs normally work 4-5 days per week and can make $50,000 dollars to $60,000 dollars a year.