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Choosing the Right Educational Platform and Software Solution

By sheer fact of there being so many when it comes to the options in the software, apps and platforms that would support the learning and teaching initiative, it is a fact that a number f educators often get overwhelmed making the choice of the one that would be most appropriate for their needs. As a matter of fact, looking at all the options one by one can be such a daunting task and as a matter of fact, we at times are even at a loss on where and how to start.

Reviews from colleagues have been used by some and for some, it is often a check on the sites that have a dedicated catalog of the response there is from fellow educators that help them start their search for the right platform. With these steps already taken and having narrowed your list as much, the next step to take will be to set up an appointment with the companies running each of the alternative programs for a demo of their products.

You need to note the fact that this is a crucial stage in the decision making process and as such you need to have the information that you need. To help you in this regard, noting the fact that there are so many in the questions that you may want to ask, we have reduced these to some basic ones but highly important as have been mentioned below.

For one, at your own internal level and conversation, you need to be as clear and pointed on what ways there are that the software or platform would be of support to your learning and education initiatives, the goals and objectives held by the institution. When looking at the options before you, it is supposed to be borne in mind the fact that when it comes to the edtech tools, these are essentially supposed to be the kind that will be deployed in an organization to help achieve some particular goal in mind. Take an example where one of your goals is to implement standard-based grading and as such you need to make sure that the platform or tool that you are settling for is one that indeed has solutions that will help you overcome some of the common challenges that are seen when implementing the standards-based grading.

The other question that you need to make sure that you have settled as you look for the best of the edtech platforms is whether the platform indeed has the capability to deliver on the promised functionalities and features.

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