What to know about bridging loans

In this article, we explain the different circumstances where bridging loans might be necessary.

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Which? has some useful advice on bridging loans:

https://mortgageadvisers.which.co.uk/other-mortgages/bridging-loans/. If you are considering a bridging loan, it pays to consult a professional adviser, who will often make use of software for financial advisers, to find the best deal.

Keeping a place in a chain

When the purchase of a property is funded out of the proceeds of another property’s sale, but the sale can’t be completed at the same time as, or before, the purchase, you might need bridging finance. 

Renovating, converting or restoring properties

Frequently, property is deemed to be unsuitable for a mortgage. This is generally due to poor condition, or because the property lacks a bathroom or kitchen. Bridging finance may be secured against such property. This helps landlords who want to renovate and then sell or rent out properties.

Excellent software for financial advisers can be found at Intelliflo.


New bridging facilities can be arranged to replace loans that are nearing the end of their term, or have passed it. This may release funds and/or extend the loan term.

Buying an auction property 

If you win at auction, a 10 percent deposit is typically paid that day, with the remainder of the money due within 28 days. Bridging loans can be put in place quickly, guaranteeing that sales can complete in time.

When a must-have item comes along

Sometimes, in order to guarantee to secure a total bargain, a purchase needs to be completed fast. A bridging loan may be quickly secured against equity available in the property.

Solving short-term cash-flow problems

Cash-flow problems can occur for various reasons in business. A bank might call in your overdraft facility, customers may pay invoices late, or brand new equipment may be required unexpectedly.

Probate and inheritance tax issues

Sometimes, when you are dealing with probate and inheritance tax issues, funds may be required. Other reasons include having to pay taxes and bills, release charges on property, and pay off beneficiaries.

Buying property below market value

A bridging loan is helpful when you are buying property that is on sale for a price below its market value.

Property development

Bridging loans may be used to raise money for financing property developments.

Dealer profitability boosted by used car sales in 2018

After a difficult 2017 which saw UK motor retailers making an average £400 loss, dealer profitability specialist ASE recently released figures that show retailers made an average profit of £2,900 in 2018, news welcomed by the motor industry.

New versus old cars

Much of the profit made by car retailers was thanks to used car sales, which increased 0.11% year on year (between December 2017 and December 2018). Not only did used car sales increase, but they outsold new cars by just under 50%. However, this doesn’t mean that new car sales were slow: approximately 200,000 people a month bought or leased a new car in 2018.

Overall, this presents a fairly positive picture for the sector, one which looks like it may continue – at least through early 2019 – as dealers make delayed WLTP sales.

The impact of WLTP on sales

Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedures, or WLTP, were introduced in September 2018 across Europe. They are a new standard of emissions testing, one that is much tougher than previous tests. Following the introduction of WLTP, car sales saw a significant decrease, with some manufacturers, including Volkswagen, struggling to get their cars WLTP ready.

According to AES, this drop in sales was short-lived, with most retailers making up for any shortfall during December. Longer-term WLTP could negatively impact the sale of diesel cars, while positively influencing the sale of electric and hybrid cars.
WLTP may also impact the tax band a car falls into, something car buyers should be aware of along with those responsible for managing their company car process. To check whether your insurance is affected too, speak to your motor trade insurance provider, or industry experts such as quotemetoday.co.uk, who can provide you with more detail.

The impact of Brexit

The other major issue potentially facing the industry in 2019 is Brexit, and the uncertainty surrounding whether we will leave the European Union with or without a deal on 29th March, or whether negotiations will be extended. Already, some car companies have announced plans to move manufacturing overseas, while others have voiced their concerns with the lack of a clear plan. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that the motor industry will need to respond to a changing environment in order to continue to thrive.

Everything You Need to Know About the Letting Fees Ban and How It Affects Landlords

The Tenants Fees Act received Royal Assent on 12 February this year after progressing through Parliament since its introduction as a Draft Bill in November 2017.

property inventory

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One of the changes will be a ban on letting agent fees to tenants, who will only be charged for rent, deposit, and defaults under their contracts. Significantly, landlords and agents will be banned from charging for inventories and referencing. The fee to change a tenancy will also be capped at £50.

Although housing groups have broadly welcomed the changes, pressure groups within the letting industry claim that the new legislation could mean redundancies, while others are concerned losses can only be recouped by increasing rents.


One of the issues landlords may wish to address immediately is how they go about taking inventories. They can save time and money by using property inventory software. But which businesses would use property inventory software? Any property companies.

Such property inventory software has proved increasingly popular with landlords since its first introduction and given that the service will no longer attract fees it could prove an essential investment.

tenancy deposit scheme

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The new Act also provides for a series of new fines applicable where the Act’s regulations are breached.

One of the main provisions in the Act changes the way deposits are dealt with. Tenants’ deposits will be limited to a sum which reflects six weeks’ rent and holding deposits will not be allowed to exceed one week’s rental income.


Deposits will still have to be retained in an approved tenancy deposit scheme introduced in 2007. There are, however, circumstances in which a deposit can be retained by the landlord. These are if the tenant withdraws or does not take all reasonable steps to enter into the agreement, fails to pass the Right to Rent test or if they provide misleading information.

The penalties for breaches of the Act, introduced by the new regulations, are strict. The first offense is treated as a civil violation attracting penalties of up to £5,000. If a violation is repeated within a five-year period, the penalty could reach £30,000 or be treated as a criminal offense.

The new Act does allow agents to charge for some services. These include early termination of the rental agreement at the tenant’s request, covering the costs incurred.

Six Benefits of Business VoIP

VoIP is currently the favorite solution to moving away from telephone lines. Here are some advantages of using this technology.

Business VoIP

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Using VoIP will help to reduce costs because all calls are made over the internet as opposed to telephones lines, which can be costly to maintain. However, both the business and the customer must have and pay for an internet connection, which often requires a telephone line to be in place. Businesses can find the best package using a wholesale VoIP termination provider.


Most VoIP applications can be downloaded on to mobile devices that can access the internet. This means that calls can be taken at any time, anywhere, providing that there is a stable enough internet connection. This technology has helped to improve home-based businesses and allow employees to work from home, as all that is required is the internet connection.

Business VoIP

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VoIP calls are HD quality, as they are made over the internet and not by using old telephone lines. This produces a conversation that is much clearer and allows businesses to ensure customer satisfaction. https://www.idtexpress.com/ has many packages available.


VoIP allows businesses to adopt a ‘bring your own device’ policy whereby employees use their existing smartphones and mobile devices to download the apps on to. This reduces the business’s costs, as they do not need to purchase the devices to allow VoIP to be used. This will also help the business with its productivity. Employees are empowered to become more flexible with a new option available to them to work from home, on the move and when it suits them. (https://www.whichvoip.com/wholesale-voip.htm discusses further advantages)


As well as being an exceptionally functional and modern approach to allowing calls to take place between businesses and customers, VoIP apps also include a large range of features to increase the positive impact that the technology has on the business. Features include hunt groups, chat function, auto attendant, caller display, call divert and many more.


VoIP allows businesses to be ready for the future without having to plan and financially prepare for any possible future technology developments. For example, it means that businesses will be able to continue to conduct business when ISDN lines are obsolete, which it is thought will happen within the next eight years.

3 Lessons Learned: Sports

This Is What You Should Know Before You Settle on the Preferred Sports Prediction Platform

There are a number of platforms that provide to their audience on the highlights to sports that they spectate. With the many that do exist, one may feel the need to join one. There are some things that an individual is required to put consideration in when going or the sports free picks and prediction site. View here for more information on whatever you need to know before you choose such a platform.

Before you get down with the site’s updates, it is required that you understand how much they have offered to their audience. It is carried out for the best assurance on how much relevant it has been to the people who indulged in its provisions. It is always important for one to research on whether the site offers your preferred sports pick. The individual should find it important to handle this for the best understanding of what to understand on what exactly to expect from the site. Scrutinizing the site’s platform can help one conclude on this. With this the individual is convinced on what to expect from the site. To have the best know-how on the site’s handling it is important that one reflects on what other people have to say about it.

Since the audience will be making the predictions for entertainment purposes, it is always important that you go for a site that is lively. The platform is required to make its audience informed on the sports picks as much as they are kept updated with the handling. This site should be well accessible to every participant. The sports picks and updates should be made available to the provision of its management. With the much that the site has to offer its participant finds it important to him or her. It is significant for your favorite site to be found relevant by other participants too. It can be such a turn off to subscribe to a site that the audience does not take part in anything highlighted.

The site should not bias any form of positive participation offered to it. The handling makes every participant’s contribution to be appreciated and belonging to a platform that concern may be raised. Before the individual gives in for the site provisions he or she should look into any terms holding the engagement to make sure that you are well informed. This is because it will help you interact well with its features. When the site is too demanding, it is always required that one looks into the provisions of another site. The site should have the best and adaptable features to make sure that the audience relates to it efficiently. With so doing, an individual is always promised of the best contact with the free sports picks and predictions site.

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If You Think You Understand CBD, Then Read This

The Revolutionary CBD Soft Gells

These days, CBD oil is now considered as the most beneficial plant extract because it can be used as an effective treatment for various health problems and ailments. CBD oil is known for various medicinal properties but it is mostly used for treating chronic pain as well as reducing inflammation. Even centuries ago, plant extracts used in making CBD oil are already used by people as a good pain reliever and reducing inflammation. Over the years, scientists have been studying this revolutionary drug and they, later on, found out that it is actually the best treatment for such ailments. CBD oil functions as a good pain reliever and a good treatment to ease pain because it impacts endocannabinoid receptor activity to reduce chronic pain and interacts with the neurotransmitters in your brain in order to reduce inflammation. Thus, if you are looking for a better way to cure chronic pain and reduce inflammation, one of the best options available for you is to take CBD oil to ease your ailments.

For those patients suffering from anxiety and depression, CBD oil also makes a good treatment for them to get. When a person is diagnosed with mental health disorders, they are mostly given pharmaceutical drugs such as antidepressants. Yet these drugs can also be a bad thing for the patients because they can provide side effects that may be tough to handle for them. Yet with the help of CBD oil, patients no longer have to worry about suffering from these effects anymore because they can now have a better way to deal with them. With the help of CBD oil, one can now get proper treatment without the fear of experiencing side effects such as agitation, drowsiness, headaches, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction.

There are also a lot of cancer patients these days who are using CBD oil to help them deal with the difficulties of recovering from their treatments like chemotherapy. This is because the common treatments for cancer may provide them with alarming side effect such as severe pain, nausea and even vomiting. But now that CBD oil is made available for medicinal purposes, cancer patients who are suffering from all these side effects and more can now have a better way to recover from their ailment because they no longer have to worry about the side effects that they commonly experience. CBD oil can never cure cancer to effectively treat it but it sure provides better relief for those who are having a hard time dealing with the side effects of cancer treatments. Click here now if you wish to learn more about CBD oil and all the other health benefits that you can get from it.

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What to Look for When Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

There are various points of interest in utilizing cannabis seeds, hence, you should guarantee that you’re searching for a few, you get the best quality and furthermore something which will be ideal relying upon your requirements. Therefore, its always advisable to ensure that you do have the best supplier in the market, with this, you get to have the best means through which you can ensure that you’re elated and also that you’re able to find the best seeds. Therefore, get to take some time to ensure that you can discern as to the things which the supplier has to offer, meaning that you’ll be able to attain the best seeds. You’ll also find it better to make some comparisons, with this, you can discern as to the suppliers who might be capable of providing you with the best services and also ensuring that you’re satiated.

First and foremost, the reputation ought to be amongst the things to consider when looking for the best cannabis seeds supplier in your vicinity, with this, you have the means to ensure that you only beget the best available services. Therefore, get to look into how they provide their services, with this, you’re certain that you’ll be able to find the best available services. More so, you’ll find that this will be an ideal means to ensuring that you always can be satiated. Through this, you can learn as to all the supplier has to provide you and how it is that they’ve been conducting their services.

On the other hand, you should take a look at the online suppliers, this is one of the safest means to purchasing cannabis seeds nowadays, getting to choose an online supplier ensures that you don’t have to worry about looking through different stores. With the internet, all you need to do is look for a supplier who has the best rating, something that can ensure that you also attain the best seeds. Through this, you’re able to know as to how much they’ll charge and also learn from the feedback available from their clients. All the more in this way, it’ll guarantee that before you make your buy, you do know about every one of the things which will work further bolstering your advantage dependably.

Get to also affirm that your supplier has the necessary papers, with this, they can prove that they have the licensing to conducting the business. Having cannabis seeds might be illegal in some places, therefore, get to ensure that its legal in your area before you make a purchase.

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Advantages of Online Casinos

You will also know how online casino has gained its popularity. Many are now gaming through all this. It is well done based on various reasons. You will realize that the online casino will be worth for you. You could be finding people getting some cash from the online casino or doing it rather for some fun. If you play the online casino, there is part of the hope that will be found. In now playing the online casino know much of the merits that you get. You must now have some good terms if making the same progress over everything that you now have to be doing. The following remains to be the merits of online casino.

The best game that you can play with some convenience is online casino. You can do it any time, thus very flexible. Get some good time for all to be fixed in the best way possible. You could still be getting the best from the online casino. You may now purpose to take this to be very effective if you are now making it to be the decent issue to work on. The successful plans, needs now to be shown. As you play the online casino, consider what you purpose to be nice. You may now mind to get some good help on this.

There is more freedom when you play the online casino. There is now any way you are limited to play the online casino. You cannot have some regulations in mind that you do not think is right. You get it to be the decent way of gaming most. All you are considering to be good, you now take some considerations. In forcing for the online casino all is good to you. The flexible online casino should now be considered. You could now be getting some freedom as you do the online casino that pleases you. In finding the online casino, try and avoid all hard times that will stop you.

There are now more bonuses that you get out of online casino. With the online casino, you will not find it hard to have some bonuses. It is now left to be the nice game that you can think how to be doing it. You will gain the confidence to be playing the game now that you will be having the proper understanding of the gaming. It could be helping you to find what you opt to be very good once again for you. Ensure the gaming sounds to be very effective upon the chance you now find in playing the online casino. You will get the best met intentions through this.

3 Lessons Learned: Gambling

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Tips for Selecting the Best Cannabis Stocks News Site

Information is very crucial in one’s decision to invest. The business of cannabis has revolved, making it be accepted in many nations hence being one of the industries that are attracting many investors. Nevertheless, numerous investors have no access to the information they can use to help them achieve the best. There are sites you can use to access cannabis stocks news. Explained below are tips for getting a suitable cannabis stocks news site.

Make sure the reputation of a site is put into the account. Reputation is not something one should act blindly on when deciding which site to use for cannabis stock news site. Reputation takes a long time to be established and it eases the task of eliminating sites that lack the expertise of giving cannabis stock news site soonest possible. To know reputable sites, ask from others and read reviews on third-party sites. If a site does not care about reputation; it can give updates that are misleading hence causing you to make decisions that are uninformed.

You should consider professionalism. Before you commit yourself to a cannabis stock news site, check their professionalism so that you can be certain of the updates having no error. You need to check the background of the employers of a site to be guaranteed of expertise. In addition, consider if the staffs have ever won competitions because this will be a guarantee of them availing updates that stand out among numerous rivals.

Ensure you factor the range of cannabis stock news site provided by a site. There are various classifications of cannabis stock news site like marijuana stocks to buy, political cannabis news, top marijuana news, and more. Although you may be in need of specific cannabis stock news site, make sure the site you choose avails numerous categories of marijuana updates. This is not only important in getting every cannabis stock update in order to be sure that at no moment will you desire to change to another site just to get updates you did not regard as important before.

Ensure you keenly examine the website. By taking a good look at the site, there is a lot of information you will get. First, check the ease with which the site is navigated to ensure you will not use much time in searching for cannabis stock news site. Secondly, check the content availed to spot any spelling error because this will give you more information on the professionalism of the staffs. Thirdly, read customer reviews in order to know which cannabis stock news site delivers satisfaction.

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Why No One Talks About Products Anymore

Knowing More About CBD Edibles

There has been a high popularity that come with the CBD oils and this is because of the many benefits they come with especially to the health of the human beings and pets like canines. CBD oils is extracted from hemp oils which are got from the hemp plant. To properly understand about the benefits that come with the CBD oils, it is important to first learn about the various types of CBD products that are available.

It is also important to understand that the various types of CBD products available also come with different concentrations. It is vital to ensure that you first do a thorough research on CBD and hemp product before buying any kind of a CBD product to help you know more about the products and the kind of help they may have to your body. The following are some of the top recommended CBD products that can be of help to you.

The first category of the CBD products that are very commonly used across the world are the tinctures. There is a high level of purity in the tinctures and this is because the manufacturers do not do any separate processing of the CBD oil when making this product.

It is very easy and enjoyable to take the tinctures because of the good flavour that comes with it. What you are required to do when taking tinctures is dropping a couple of drops on or under your tongue. The second type of CBD products are the concentrates which are known to be very strong. Concentrates are very convenient because of the ease in their consumption. It is important to note that the consumption of the tinctures is similar to that of the tinctures. The other types of the CBD products that are also very common are the capsules which are very easy to take thus making them more convenient than the two other types of CBD products discussed below.

The other types of CBD products that are very important and recommended are the topicals which applied on the skin with various skincare products like lotion. The other very important types of the CBD products that you can buy are the sprays where you can consume them by spraying them into your mouth. Vapes are other CBD options that you can go for. It is also important to use the CBD gums if you love chewing.

One reason why the CBD products are very important is because they help to keep one free from the body inflammations due to their anti-inflammatory products. CBD products also play a great role in fighting cancer especially by killing cancer cells in the body.

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