Everything You Need to Know About Organic Tea

What is organic tea? How is it different from the regular tea? What are the organic tea benefits? Which is healthier- organic black tea or organic green tea? These are but some of the questions that come to your mind when you read about organic tea.
In its simplest form, organic means a process that doesn’t use any chemical or genetic modification technology to yield a crop. It lets nature takes it course, enhances the soil with completely natural products and the outcome is a product that is 100% natural and offers limitless health benefits. Organic tea farming doesn’t use any toxic pesticides or insecticides. These tea leaves are grown by farmers who use natural methods to control pests, weeds and disease.
Why is India preferred for this?
India is the world’s largest tea producer and has been holding that prestigious position for decades now. As a nation blessed by nature and its bounties, India has the right climate to grow tea in bulk. The hilly areas of India’s South and North-east are famous for its evergreen tea plantations. This is where from most tea manufacturers buy tea wholesale from.
Organic tea isn’t merely a beverage. Although it enjoys the undisputed status of the most popular beverage worldwide, people don’t drink organic tea just for the fun of it. Slowly but surely, people are becoming aware of the numerous benefits this humble beverage offers. To put things into perspective, see below for some of the unique organic tea benefits.
1. Improve digestion and metabolism
2. Enhance immunity
3. Promotes healthy gums
4. Slows down brain cell degeneration
5. Lowers blood pressure
6. Better heart health
7. Prevents the onset of cancer
8. Lower blood cholesterol
9. Better mental agility.
Now that we have established the numerous benefits of drinking organic black tea or organic green tea, let us look a bit deeper into things. We all know there are many varieties of tea leaves and the catechin polyphenol content varies with different grades. Some of them may be high in antioxidants, while others not so much. So how do you make sure you are buying authentic tea?
One thing that will definitely help you is by choosing trusted brands and trusted suppliers who source tea leaves directly from the farmers and makes sure that the tea leaves are free of chemicals, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, genetic modifications and field use of sewage sludge as fertilizer.
If you are searching for authentic organic tea exporters in India, please do keep the above parameters in mind!