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Online grocery shopping has evolved over the years, replacing traditional supermarkets and grocery stores.

Individuals have become comfortable with online grocery shopping, and this preference has even increased especially since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most supermarkets and retail stores are evolving and creating platforms for an online presence to meet the global trends.

However, the quick evolution of this industry comes with advantages, disadvantages, and challenges. Most customers always look for ways to be on the right side of their budgets, and this is always the case whether they order groceries online, or they are buying from a brick and mortar store.

For customers who are looking for ways to cut down costs when shopping online, listed below are 6 hacks that should be helpful in that regard:

1.Plan ahead

Shopping for groceries online can be challenging. The possibilities are endless in an online platform; therefore, shopping without having a plan can end up denting your credit cards and wallets. If you will be shopping online, you will need to plan your purchases. If possible, outline your purchases on a note and calculate what you will be paying for. This will help you cut costs while planning, and you could decide to reduce the number of groceries or remove groceries that are of less importance at that particular time.

2.Compare online grocery stores

Before buying on a particular shopping platform, make sure you have conducted research on the prices available on other platforms. You can do a quick search with search engines like Google or check sites that review the prices of groceries. Consider checking smaller online retail stores. Even if bigger online stores are tempting because of the fast shipping and comfort they offer, customers’ experiences have shown they often do not have the best prices.

3.Take advantage of deals and discounts

There are various deals and discounts available on the internet today, especially for grocery shoppers. Make it a habit to check those discounts and deals’ mails from your credit card provider, they could spare you some change.

4.Don’t hesitate to abandon your shopping cart

It is very exciting and easy to fill up your shopping cart when shopping for online groceries. However, considering your pocket is important. When you go to the checkout, and the total amount to pay is more than your budget, do not hesitate to walk away. You can abandon your cart by closing the browser right after you check out and enter your contact information.

5.Follow retailers on social media

Since most people spend a number of minutes on their social media platforms daily, then, following your favorite online grocery store on your social media account is not a bad idea. Most online retailers take advantage of social media as a marketing tool to promote sales hereby posting discounts, free coupons, and upcoming sales.

6.Outwit the dynamic pricing trap

Online marketers use dynamic pricing to display different rates for different clients, depending on your position, surfing, purchasing habits, and existing product demands. Since this strategy has become unbelievably advanced, most retailers know the price point perfectly well and can show you a greater price than someone who pays less while shopping online.

Bottom line

Online grocery retailers are finding innovative ways to grab some money from your wallets; however, the above hacks should help you save money while shopping for groceries online.

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