Traditional foods to try when you visit Sweden

Sweden is a country rich in tradition and culture, and when it comes to food, this is no different.

Foods such as Swedish meatballs and fermented fish have been part of Sweden’s culture dating as far back as the 16th century, but what exactly are they, and why are they so popular?

When travelling to a foreign country, the best way to fully enjoy all the cultural differences that it has to offer is to enjoy the local foods that form part of that country’s cuisine. While it might seem like an odd meal to you, to them it is a firm favorite, and would form a large part of their diet. As the saying goes, “don’t knock it until you have tried it.”

Swedish meatballs are a favorite meal for many Swedish households as well as in eateries and restaurants. They are also available from grocery stores in and around Sweden, as a convenient option to enjoy a traditional favorite. Stores like Linas Matkasse as well as others each offer their own brand, but would follow the traditional recipe to keep that authentic flavor that is so loved.

When looking for stockists of Swedish meatballs such as local stores or restaurants, you might be overwhelmed by the options, and not know where to get the best meatballs for your meal. This is where review sites like come in handy, in providing customers with the opportunity to find out the pros and cons of each store that would stock Swedish meatballs. It is always good to know which store or even restaurant has the better tasting meatballs and fish, and which stores or eateries should be avoided.

Swedish meatballs differ from regular Italian meatballs in that they are smaller in size and are made from a mixture of 50% ground beef, and 50% pork. The spices used to create their unique flavor are allspice and nutmeg, rather than those used in Italian meatballs. They are delicious on their own or can be added to a pasta dish or served on mashed potatoes.

Fermented fish, locally known as Surstromming, is a lightly salted tinned fish that is fermented in weak brine for about 6 months. The fish used to make this delightful fish is Baltic Herring, which is freely available on the coast of Sweden. While it is an acquired taste, it is a staple food in most Swedish homes and provides the perfect vitamins and minerals for healthy minds and bodies.

While Swedish Meatballs and fermented fish might seem like odd foods to try, they are a must have when you visit Sweden, if only to say you have tasted them. While Italy is famous for its pasta’s and France is famous for their croissants and breads, Sweden is known worldwide for their meatballs and fermented fish. So, consider it a bucket list item and give it a try, even if it is only once and you find that you do not enjoy them.

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