5 French Cuisine

France is a country known for its amazing variety of French cuisine. Some of these recipes dating back many centuries ago.

Many tourists that travel to France come into the country with the expectation of dining into some of these delicious traditional French foods.

The smart ones, choose to not only dine, but also take with them these recipes so that they can enjoy the same food miles away from France.

If you happen to be living in France and you want to know the little details about the art of cooking French meals, you may start by reading this article on some of the most famous foods made in France.

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Here is a list of some traditional French recipes you should not miss out on.

1. Quiche Lorraine

The main ingredients in this classic French cuisine are eggs, flour, bacon, cheese and onions.

A dough is made from flour and eggs with a little bit of butter. The flour is rolled to a light flat surface and the edges are pricked with a fork before refrigerating. It is then baked until slightly crisp.

The fillings are prepared by frying the onions in butter, adding in the diced bacon. Separately the milk, cream, and eggs are whisked then combined with the onions.

The fillings are added to the middle of the crust and topped up with cheese and other ingredients of choice.

It is baked for about 20 minutes before being served. It makes a good meal for lunch or dinner.

It can be taken while hot or cold or a midday snack for kids.

2. Steak Frites

Steak Frites is a main course meal originally from France and Belgium.  The main course is steak and french fries.

The potatoes are cut and sliced into medium or thin strips then deep-fried to a crispy texture. The meat used can either be rump steak, rib eye or flank steak.

The preferable source for the main course is a thick creamy sauce made from butter and egg yolks.

Steak Frites makes a perfect meal for either lunch or dinner. It can be taken alongside your favourite glass of wine.

3. Soupe à l’oignon (French onion soup)

This probably has to be one of my favourite’s French dishes of all time. The traditional dish is prepared using onions, wine, and meat stock.

The onions are finely chopped and let to caramelize on a pan, beef stock and white wine are added and left to simmer.

The soup is placed in a bowl and topped off with bread and cheese or any other toppings of your choice before being placed in the oven to melt the cheese.

The French onion soup can be taken as the main course but in most cases, it is served as a starter.

4. Salmon en papillote

Salmon en papillote is 1 of the French healthiest and tastiest news you can prepare.

The main ingredients are Salmon boneless fillet, Garlic, lemon, broccoli, butter, pepper, herbs, and other ingredients of choice.

There are other alternatives to Salmon including Halibut, Branzini, or Pompano. You can also swap your broccoli with other types of vegetables like kales or green beans.

All these are wrapped up in parchment paper and steamed in the oven.

It is the main course meal and can be served for lunch or dinner alongside a nice glass of wine.

5. Crepes

Lastly, we have a French original dessert. The french Crepes can be taken for breakfast or as a dessert during lunch or dinner. It is also a good takeaway for children in school.

The main ingredients are eggs, milk, butter, sugar, salt, and flour.

The ingredients of the next to a super silky texture and butter is added. The butter is then spread over a flat pan on low heat.

Crepes are similar to pancakes exact with the pancakes raising ingredients like baking powder are used.

It takes less than 20 minutes to be ready.


There are so many other French cuisines that did not manage to make it to my list including beef bourguignon, Coq au Vin, cassoulet, confit de canard, and ratatouille among others.

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