Renting a house in Portugal: What to know?

Different countries have different rules, regulations, and requirements when it comes to renting and buying a property. So what is the actual case when it comes to renting in Portugal? Is there a long list of documents and expenses that you will have to show? Are there any specific requirements for foreigners? Well, that is actually what we are going to discuss in this article. But do remember that you might have to face a few troubles during the process, but you cannot proceed further with them.

If you still have not found a house or any other property to rent in Portugal, you can sue the services of agents. You can use Opinioesja and different reviewing sites that can make it even easier to find housing agents. Just check out the true reviews and see if the agent would be a good fit for you.

What to keep in check when renting a house in Portugal?

So finally, here is the guide that will answer all of your queries regarding renting in Portugal. Let’s get started!

1.Finding the right house or apartment!

You might come across thousands of properties in Portugal that you can rent. But are they the actual right choice for you? Probably not! That is why you have to explore the best possible options, see what different rents in different cities are and what are provided facilities.

There are many services in Portugal that can help you find an apartment in any city you want. You can precisely opt for an apartment that is furnished and comes with the necessary appliances. Or else, you can use the stores like IKOHS that can provide you with all types of appliances without any type of problems. Just read the reviews before choosing any store so you won’t have to face troubles later.

2.Signing the contract

As now you have found the perfect place in Portugal to rent and live in, there is only one important thing left to do here. You will have to sign the agreement or contract stating all the details about the rent and personal information. You will just need your passport or ID along with your tax identification number in order to proceed with the contract.

The best thing is, the process is similar for both foreigners and locals, and that is why you won’t have to go through lengthy processes.

3.Deposition of money

Almost all landlords require the renters to pay an upfront payment in order to proceed. That fee is either for the upcoming months or just the security deposit in case the contract goes south in the future. So do not hesitate to deposit the money, and you will be good to go.

But yes, you should read the agreements and see what the upfront payment is for and how the whole thing works in that particular case.


The whole process of renting and living in Portugal is easy and straightforward. As long as you have important documents and funds, it will not be a problem for you to start a new journey in a new country.