Healthy Lunch Recipes For Brown Bags

Healthy lunch recipes fit for a brown bag profile means different things to different people. I know lunches in brown bags bring back memories of boring monotonous lunches that one ate at the unpopular table before the school bully came and toppled it over, or even the crazy thoughts of how you would switch lunches with your friends.

All those negative ideas lunches in brown bags is about to change. If you use some of these recipes you will actually look forward to carrying those brown bags which hold some of the healthiest lunches imaginable.

Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

In these hard economic times, it is difficult to find time for both our professional and personal lives, not to mention taking time to keep track of our eating habits. Because of all these circumstances, we tend to forget vital things like health and the importance of meals, which can have a disastrous effect on our health.

Luckily we can help avert this disaster from happening by limiting ‘eating out’ and ‘ordering in’ of food as much as we can. Not going out at noon does not mean you have to give up lunch. Instead you can pack a brown bag lunch and take it to work with you.

The following sections will give you a fair idea of how you can pack yourself a nourishing lunch without having to slave over the stove for hours

Good Old Sandwiches

If there’s one food that everyone loves and doesn’t mind eating at any time, its sandwiches. It’s also one of the easiest and quickest foods to fix. Some of the options include:

You can use lean meats and complement them with slices of low fat cheese.

You can also have some fresh veggies like tomatoes and bell peppers, dusted with little salt and pepper in the sandwich.

Hard boil an egg, slice it, dress it with some low fat mayonnaise and dust it with some pepper, It’ll make for a delicious sandwich.

If you don’t mind something sweet for lunch, you can try buttering one slice of the sandwich and applying fruit jam to the other.

By focusing on healthy meals here, its good not to forget that to use a variety of whole grain bread in making sandwiches and wraps. Another option are healthy tortillas to use as wraps.

Greens, Reds, and Browns

Salads are invariably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of healthy meals, below are some healthy salads.

Greens: As the name suggests, you can stock up on a lot of fresh greens when you go grocery shopping. Green leafy vegetables, along with cucumbers and the appropriate salad dressing are not only delectable, but also extremely healthy to eat.

Reds: Carrots, bell peppers, beets and tomatoes. These are more than enough to provide you a satisfying lunch. Throw in a little salt, pepper, some olive oil and a little bit of balsamic vinegar and you’re good to go.

Browns: Sausages and sprouts can make for a salubrious lunch and yet not take hours to prepare. All you have to do is stir fry the sausages for a bit and garnish them with a little dressing and bread if you want. As for the other ‘S’, you can pick an assortment of sprouts, wash them, boil them if you wish, mix them and add a little bit of salt, oregano and squeeze the juice of a full lemon in it, mix it and enjoy it

Leftovers for Lunch

Leftovers can be fun. In fact, some foods taste surprisingly better the next morning. Your lunch could be last night’s brown rice, or a special pasta you made. It could be spaghetti and meat balls or even a chicken casserole. Whatever you’re cooking for dinner, cook a little extra and keep it aside for lunch the next day. In the morning, all you have to do is remove it from the refrigerator, thaw it or heat it. If you have a microwave at your workplace, simply heat it up just before you eat it

Apart from these ideas, you can also opt for ready to eat frozen meals that are no doubt available at supermarkets. Go for the healthy options. As for desserts, you can carry a carton of juice or low fat flavored milk or yogurt instead of a cola. So, there you go a whole bunch of ideas to make your own healthy lunch recipes.